Stationery with Purpose: atws.

Stationery with Purpose: atws.

In the vibrant world of stationery, where personal expression meets meticulous craftsmanship, ALL THE WAYS to Say emerges as a paragon of creativity intertwined with a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. Founded in France in 2015 by the artistic duo Claire Leina, an illustrator and art director, and her husband Jean-Charles Da Rocha, the brand is a testament to the power of artistic passion fused with sustainable ethics, encapsulated in the heartwarming involvement of their daughter Tess, who brings joy and inspiration to the creative journey.

A Tapestry of Creativity and Family

At its core, ALL THE WAYS to Say is infused with a familial essence, with Claire's exquisite hand-painted illustrations setting a distinctive tone that is both intimate and universally appealing. Jean-Charles's strategic oversight in the company's growth harmonizes with the artistic vision, ensuring their creations not only resonate beauty but also embody the family’s commitment to quality and ethical responsibility. Tess, their daughter, symbolizes the joy and purity in their work, infusing every product with love and cheerfulness.

The Spirit of the Brand

The essence of ALL THE WAYS to Say is a reflection of a life richly lived and deeply felt, inspired by Claire’s globetrotting childhood from the lush landscapes of Brazil to the vibrant cultures of Morocco, Cameroon, and Guinea. This diverse backdrop fuels a collection that’s rich with nature’s aesthetics, sprinkled with humor, and steeped in a poetic soul, encapsulating a spirit that encourages exploration, mindfulness, and connection.

Unwavering Commitment to Sustainability

Their unwavering dedication to environmental consciousness is evident in their choice of materials and production methods. Transitioning to 100% recycled polyester for their latest range of sleeves and bags, they creatively repurpose plastic waste into elegant, durable products. The commitment extends to their paper goods, proudly printed in France on FSC-certified paper, ensuring responsible forest management and environmental care.

Eco-Friendly Innovations

Innovating with sustainability at the forefront, ALL THE WAYS to Say champions eco-friendly packaging solutions, significantly reducing plastic use and opting for biodegradable and recyclable materials. This dedication mirrors the brand’s ethos of respect for the planet, showcasing a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and ecological integrity.

Advocating for Local Production and Global Responsibility

The brand proudly emphasizes local craftsmanship, with the majority of its products made in France and a strong commitment to European manufacturing. This local focus is paired with a global vision, as evidenced by their contribution to 1% FOR THE PLANET, reinforcing their commitment to combat climate change and support sustainable environmental practices.

A Partnership Rooted in Shared Values

At Mint Brussels, our collaboration with ALL THE WAYS to Say is a celebration of shared values—where exquisite design meets conscientious living. Their story resonates with our commitment to offering products that are not just beautiful but also bear the mark of responsible creation, aligning with our dedication to sustainability, quality, and community engagement.

We warmly invite our community to discover the enchanting world of ALL THE WAYS to Say, where each piece is a tribute to the beauty of our planet and the creativity of the human spirit. Their stationery is not merely a tool for communication but a canvas that embodies the brand’s passion for art, commitment to the environment, and belief in the power of thoughtful, personal expression. Join us in celebrating this remarkable brand, where every purchase is a step towards a more sustainable and beautiful world.


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