Our Story

Around 2020, Mint Brussels was born as a humble Pokébowl restaurant. However, destiny had a different path in mind for us. After enduring the challenges of a second lockdown, we emerged transformed, reborn as the chic and trendy concept store you see today.

At Mint Brussels, our hearts beat to the rhythm of curating brands with captivating stories and concepts. We believe that fashion should not just adorn but also narrate, and our journey is all about offering you a carefully selected range of brands that do just that.

Each piece we bring to our store is chosen with love, not just to make you stand out but also to support remarkable creators and visionaries. Join us on this thrilling adventure, where Mint Brussels is not just a clothing store but an inspiring gathering of Brands, Stories, & Friends.

Quality Products:

Mint Brussels is your gateway to the finest quality products. Each piece is meticulously chosen to meet our exacting standards. We don't just offer style; we offer pieces that are built to last.

Personal Taste:

Passion is contagious, and that's why our selections resonate with our own hearts. By choosing items we genuinely love, we create a collection that will ignite your excitement and inspiration with every visit.

Planet-Friendly Choices:

We actively seek out brands and products that embrace eco-consciousness, contributing to a greener future. From ethically sourced materials to eco-friendly manufacturing practices, we're proud to offer options that lessen our collective footprint on our beloved planet.

Supporting Responsible Brands:

Our commitment extends to supporting brands that share our values and ethical principles. By partnering with socially responsible companies, we're part of the change for a fashion industry that values both people and the environment.

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